Our Philosophy

We help any disciplined and committed individual plan, build and protect their wealth.

At Southeast Financial Group, we focus on individuals. On your goals, your needs, and your unique path. What’s right for you? Where are you now and where do you want to be in ten years? How much income do you need in retirement? What’s your tolerance for market volatility? Are you adequately protected from potential risks?

Wealth management is not just for the wealthy. Anyone who is committed to setting lifetime goals and regular savings has the power to plan, build, and protect their assets. We can help.

Many financial planning firms require that you have significant assets before they even consider taking you on as a client.

At Southeast Financial Group, our model is different. We focus on making wealth management more accessible. We strive to build enduring, lifelong relationships with our clients and their families now and in the future — recognizing that needs change as the economy changes, as individuals rise in their careers, as unforeseen situations arise, and as people grow from just starting out to nearing retirement.

Also, unlike financial advisors at a large bank or investment corporation, we are not tied to any particular financial product. We are as independent as each one of our clients and free to help guide people to the best possible investment and wealth management solutions.

We believe that anyone who has the discipline to set goals and save regularly — regardless of age, net worth, income or life stage — should have access to the kinds of wealth management tools, strategies and support we offer. Everyone deserves the freedom to move one step closer to their financial dreams.  We aim to devise strategies that help people continue to build and advance on their journeys but also protect against the unexpected.

To us, financial freedom is also being free from having to manage a financial portfolio on your own. We are dedicated to helping people simplify their financial lives and the decisions they must make so that they have more time to pursue their passions or spend time and energy with the ones they love.